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Webinar: Oh No, Your Employee Handbook is Out of Date - What Now?

Kate Bischoff

An out-of-date employee handbook is not only unhelpful to your staff but could create a liability for your organization if non-compliant with current legal requirements.

When you realize your handbook isn't current, how can you be sure you've addressed all the legal changes and best practices when you start the updating process?

In this 45-minute webinar, attorney Kate Bischoff, founder of k8bisch, a law and HR consulting firm in Minneapolis, reviews how to go about updating your employee handbook in a way that ensures you cover all the bases and keep your organization compliant. Then XpertHR product specialist, Samantha Dawber, explores solutions to alleviate the time spent on updating policies based on changing legislation and to proactively approach risk management.

In this webinar, you learn how to:

  • Understand which policies must be included in your handbook (and can't wait for an annual review) vs. needed policies that don't have to be in a handbook vs. recommended policies
  • Sift through the mountains of daily legal developments and understand if a development impacts your handbook
  • Remember when a development is effective (to plan training, employee notification, etc.)
  • And more..

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