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Employee Health: New York

Employee Health requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Leanne Coffman, The Safety Training Solution LLC.


  • New York has adopted hand hygiene regulations for various industries which are aimed at preventing the transmission of disease. See Hand Hygiene Requirements.
  • Various illnesses and diseases contracted by fire fighters and police officers may be recognized as occupationally sourced according to presumptive evidence. See Occupationally Acquired Communicable Diseases.
  • Mental illnesses produced by excessive job-related stress or trauma, as well as mental illnesses caused by a work-related injury, are covered by workers' compensation in New York. See Managing Mental Health Concerns.
  • New York permits the medical and recreational use of cannabis. See Cannabis.
  • New York prohibits smoking in nearly all workplaces throughout the state. See Smoking in the Workplace.
  • New York has a Good Samaritan Law, which offers limited or conditional immunity to those who respond to the scene of an emergency and offer medical assistance. See Good Samaritan Law.