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Harassment: Ohio

Harassment requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: Keith A. Asthmus and Joel R. Hlavaty, Frantz Ward LLP


  • Harassment claims in Ohio are governed by the Ohio Civil Rights Act and related regulations. See Harassment Under the Ohio Civil Rights Act.
  • Ohio courts apply federal precedent when evaluating harassment claims and defenses under Ohio law. See Establishing a Claim of Harassment.
  • Employers may be liable for the harassing actions of their supervisors, managers, and non-employees, but affirmative defenses are available in certain circumstances. See Liability.
  • The Ohio Civil Rights Commission administers compliance with the Ohio Civil Rights Act and investigates charges of discrimination. See Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC).
  • An individual who wishes to bring a civil lawsuit alleging unlawful harassment must first exhaust administrative remedies. See Judicial Proceedings.
  • Remedies for harassment may include hiring, reinstatement, back pay and other measures. See Remedies for Harassment.
  • Employers can minimize the risk of harassment claims by formulating and disseminating clear antiharassment policies and employing regular company-wide harassment training. See Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.