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Disabilities (ADA): South Dakota

Disabilities (ADA) requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: David J. Goldstein and Michelle Barrett Falconer, Littler


  • In addition to the federal equal opportunity laws, South Dakota employers must comply with state and local law, including the South Dakota Human Relations Act. See Disability Discrimination in South Dakota.
  • The South Dakota Human Relations Act specifically prohibits an employer from failing or refusing to hire, terminating an employee, or imposing unfavorable or unequal treatment to any person, employee, or intern with respect to application, hiring, training, apprenticeship, tenure, promotion, upgrading, compensation, layoff, or any term or condition of employment because of disability. See The South Dakota Human Relations Act.
  • South Dakota law specifically prohibits employers from seeking, obtaining or using any genetic information to discriminate against employees or prospective employees. See Genetic Testing.
  • South Dakota permits the use of cannabis for medical purposes. See Medical Cannabis.
  • Localities including Rapid City and Sioux Falls have requirements pertaining to disability discrimination. See Local Requirements.