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EEO - Affirmative Action: Michigan

EEO - Affirmative Action requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: Evan Burkholder and Leslie Yulkowski, LeClairRyan


  • The United States Supreme Court upheld Michigan's voter-approved affirmative action ban prohibiting the use of racial preferences in public universities, government contracting and public employment. See US Supreme Court Upholds Michigan's Affirmative Action Ban.
  • Under Michigan law, private employers are now permitted, but not required, to adopt policies that provide preference for hiring, promoting, or retaining a veteran.  See Veterans' Preference for Private Employers.
  • The City of Detroit imposes affirmative action requirements on contractors doing business with the city as well as those who wish to do so. These requirements have not been tested. See Detroit Requirements.