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New Jersey Workplace Notices

Authors: Melissa A. Silver, Michael C. Jacobson and Marta Moakley, XpertHR Legal Editors

A New Jersey employer should ensure compliance with state requirements for workplace notices. These notices advise employees of their rights and any employer obligations under a host of state laws. HR must monitor the applicable statutes and update the notices as needed.

The following chart contains information regarding which state notices employers are required to provide to employees. Clicking on the notice titles in the chart will provide access to notice posting and related information located in the Policies and Documents Tool.

Additional information regarding required notices for new hires can be found in the New Hire Paperwork: New Jersey section of the Employment Law Manual.

Additional requirements regarding notice posting for existing employees (including municipal requirements) can be found in the New Jersey Workplace Labor and Employment Law Posters and in the Employment Law Manual's Employee Communications: New Jersey section.

Additional information regarding notices for terminated employees (e.g., in the event of plant closings) can be found in the Process of Termination: New Jersey section of the Employment Law Manual.

Due to its large size, this chart is presented in a pop-up overlay. To view the chart in full size, simply click anywhere on the thumbnail image below. Then navigate the chart by clicking and dragging. To close the chart, click on the "X" in the upper-right hand corner.