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Update Your Employee Handbook With 2023 Developments Checklist

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

NLRB's August 2023 Ruling

The National Labor Relations Board's August 2023 Stericycle ruling adopted a strict new legal standard for evaluating the validity of workplace rules under the National Labor Relations Act. The new standard represents a return to a case-by-case review of workplace rules and heightened scrutiny of employer policies.

We are currently reviewing our Employee Handbook policies in light of the new standard and will revise language as needed to align with our best understanding of the new standard and its implications for employers' handbook policies. If we make substantive revisions to any policies, we will include those policies in this Checklist.

When to Use

An up-to-date handbook helps employers keep their workforce informed of current policies and procedures, and employee rights and benefits. It also helps employers show that their policies are in compliance. For these reasons, diligent organizations strive to keep their handbook current and accurate. The challenge comes in tracking the volume of federal, state and local laws and regulations in order to determine which legal developments will require revisions to a policy, the roll out of a new policy or removal of an obsolete policy from the handbook.

It can be a daunting task, but it is important to get it right. This checklist will help.

Below we list significant new or updated compliance requirements that impact the employee handbook, based on legal developments that have taken effect, or will soon take effect, this year. We also include links to the corresponding model employee handbook statements.

Employers should identify the jurisdictions listed below where they have physical operations or remote employees, and where the underlying law is applicable to their workplace, and then complete the updates to their employee handbook(s).

Customizable Checklist