Click a tool to browse all XpertHR resources available within your selected tool. Most XpertHR tools are based on a particular type of information, such as Policies and Documents, Supervisor Briefings and the Employment Law Manual. Other tools, such as Liveflo, are also based on a different user interface - in the case of Liveflo: interactive flowcharts.

From the Tools menu:

  • Select a tool, such as Supervisor Briefings, to go to the tool homepage and view a list of new and updated articles belonging to that tool. From the tool homepage you may also have the option of selecting tool categories, such as Recruiting and Hiring, to view a more targeted list of articles. Some tools have second-level categories.
  • Click the "Show all tools" button to go to the Tools home page. From this page you can view a list of tools, broken down by broad subject area.

Quick Video: The XpertHR Tools Menu

You can also access all XpertHR tools from the page footer, at the bottom of every page.

Tool Icons and Colors

Each tool has its own icon and color. You may find this helpful to identify articles from particular tools when viewing lists such as search results. However, we never use color alone to provide information about an article.

Icons and Colors

Tool icons

Search Within Tools

Search within your selected tool using the tool's local search box - and refine your search results by state, topic and date. You can also expand your search across the entire site. For more on this, see the section of this guide on Site Search.

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