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Supreme Court Health Care Dispute Has High Stakes for Employers

March 26, 2015

XpertHR Legal Editor David Weisenfeld provides an inside the Supreme Court look at the latest Affordable Care Act challenge. The outcome could affect the ability of millions of Americans to obtain health insurance.


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Leave Law Protections Continue to Expand

February 24, 2015

With numerous leave laws sprouting up at the state and municipal levels, employers that fail to keep up do so at their peril. Oregon employment attorney Kyle Abraham details the latest developments.


The Affordable Care Act in 2015: What HR Needs to Know

February 10, 2015

Many experts view 2015 as a key transitional year for the Affordable Care Act. So how can employers avoid running afoul of the ACA? LeClairRyan attorney Jim Anelli discusses best practices.


Why Wage Theft Trend Cannot Be Ignored

January 6, 2015

The troubling trend of employer wage theft goes under the microscope in the inaugural XpertHR podcast of 2015.


Supreme Court Pregnancy Case Has Huge Implications

December 18, 2014

XpertHR Legal Editor David Weisenfeld takes you inside the Supreme Court for coverage of a pregnancy accommodation case that could affect millions of working women and their employers.


What Ebola Means for Employers

November 18, 2014

The Ebola virus is garnering worldwide attention, but are there really US workplace implications? Philadelphia employment attorney Jonathan Segal debunks claims that its much ado about nothing on this timely podcast.

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How Multistate Employers Can Steer Clear of Trouble

November 6, 2014

Littler Mendelson employment attorney Michelle Barrett Falconer details some top trends employers need to keep abreast of when updating their employee handbooks, including paid sick leave and more.

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How the NFL Flunked HR 101

October 14, 2014

With the National Football League facing a torrent of recent negative publicity, this podcast examines where the NFL went wrong and lessons other employers can learn from these missteps.

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New York Employment State of Mind

September 30, 2014

From paid sick leave to pregnancy accommodations, medical marijuana and more, a host of new laws are affecting New York employers. New York City employment attorney Jason Habinsky, of Haynes & Boone, breaks down the latest developments.

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Employers Walk Tightrope With Criminal History Questions

August 12, 2014

Fisher & Phillips employment attorney Rosemary Gousman discusses the many concerns employers must navigate when seeking criminal background information on job applicants.

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The Future of E-Cigarettes in the Workplace

July 30, 2014

With the use of e-cigarettes on the rise, Los Angeles employment attorney Stefan Black sheds light for employers on this growing issue.

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What the Rise of Robotics Means for Employers

July 22, 2014

Robots and artificial intelligence may soon change the workplace at a pace not seen since the Industrial Revolution. Littler Mendelson's Garry Mathiason discusses the many employment law implications of this budding technology.

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New Employment Laws Affect Illinois Legal Landscape

June 20, 2014

Illinois is often a bellwether state in employment law. Chicago employment attorney Stacey Smiricky, of Faegre Baker Daniels, looks at the latest flurry of activity in the Land of Lincoln.

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Why Resume Fraud Is Not a Victimless Crime

May 19, 2014

High-profile examples of resume fraud are featured on this podcast. A longtime former executive recruiter offers her insights and addresses best practices for HR.

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How Employers Can Handle Workplace Bullying

May 8, 2014

With workplace bullying on the rise, this podcast examines steps employers can take to prevent ugly incidents before they occur with Indianapolis employment attorney Jeff Beck of Faegre Baker Daniels.

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Landmark ACA Contraceptive Coverage Case Impacts Employers

April 4, 2014

XpertHR Legal Editor David Weisenfeld takes you inside the Supreme Court for in-depth coverage of a groundbreaking case that will decide whether employers may deny contraceptive coverage to their employees on religious grounds under the Affordable Care Act.

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Supreme Court Expands Employee Whistleblower Rights

March 24, 2014

A recent Supreme Court ruling gives much greater protections for employees who blow the whistle on corporate misdeeds. XpertHR Legal Editor Marta Moakley breaks down the ruling and also addresses other notable whistleblower developments affecting employers.

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Why Paid Leave Laws Are Starting to Proliferate

February 28, 2014

This podcast looks at the growing trend of paid sick leave laws and what they mean for HR with Portland, OR employment attorney Kyle Abraham of Barran Liebman.

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Experts Examine Biometrics in the Workplace

February 20, 2014

With an increasing number of employers using biometrics to help manage employees, Atlanta employment attorney C.R. Wright and the Electronic Privacy Information Center's Jeramie D. Scott discuss the benefits and risks of this emerging technology.

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NLRB Faces Uphill Supreme Court Battle Plus Other Labor Law Issues

January 31, 2014

This podcast takes you inside the Supreme Court for coverage of the closely watched NLRB v. Noel Canning case. The stakes are high for employers because the case could place hundreds of NLRB rulings in doubt. Also featured is a look at other notable labor law developments to watch in 2014.

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New California Employment Law Developments Affecting HR

November 26, 2013

California has long been extremely active when it comes to employment law and that certainly proved true in 2013. This podcast features a conversation with Anthony Oncidi, head of the labor and employment law group at the Los Angeles office of Proskauer Rose, who discusses the recent changes plus other key challenges affecting California employers.

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November 18, 2013

In this latest XpertHR podcast, longtime North Carolina employment attorney Robin Shea offers some ways for employers to reduce their risks at office holiday parties from boorish behavior. Other timely topics affecting employers also are discussed.

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Key Social Media Issues Affecting the Workplace

October 11, 2013

A new XpertHR podcast features Providence, RI employment attorney Brian Lamoreaux, of Pannone, Lopes, Devereaux & West, discussing the most significant social media issues affecting employers today. In a wide-ranging conversation, Lamoreaux addresses the biggest risks and trends in this area.

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OFCCP's Rule Changes Bring Big Implications for Contractors

October 03, 2013

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has issued a pair of final rules that will place added affirmative action requirements on federal contractors and subcontractors regarding individuals with disabilities and protected veterans. This podcast features longtime management-side employment attorney Peter Saucier discussing compliance challenges facing employers.

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Why the Supreme Court's Term Aided Employers

September 23, 2013

While same-sex marriage drew the bulk of the headlines, the US Supreme Court heard several other cases affecting HR in its last term with generally favorable results for employers. Legal Editors David Weisenfeld, Beth Zoller and Michael Jacobson discuss the rulings and their ramifications.

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What the Historic Same-Sex Rulings Mean for HR

August 06, 2013

XpertHR's editorial team breaks down the Supreme Court's groundbreaking gay marriage rulings, most notably the decision to strike down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in United States v. Windsor.

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How Marijuana Legalization Laws Impact the Workplace

July 19, 2013

This podcast features a panel discussion examining what state marijuana legalization laws mean for employers. The guests include attorneys from two leading employment firms, Emily Hobbs-Wright of Holland & Hart in Denver and Vanessa Gilbreth of Proskauer Rose's Boston office.

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Genetic Discrimination Jumps Back Into Employment News

June 27, 2013

Increased EEOC activity involving the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) could be a sign of things to come for employers. North Carolina employment attorney Robin Shea, of Constangy, Brooks & Smith, discusses the importance of this issue plus a few other hot employment trends with Legal Editor David Weisenfeld.

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Why BYOD Is Creating New Employment Concerns

May 30, 2012

Employers are facing increased concerns when it comes to employees using their own personal mobile devices for work purposes. XpertHR Legal Editor Beth Zoller breaks down the burdens and benefits surrounding these issues, plus the need for clear Bring Your Own Device policies in the workplace.

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Inside the Supreme Court Insight on Title VII Retaliation Case

May 09, 2013

XpertHR's David Weisenfeld takes you inside the Supreme Court with full coverage from Washington of a Title VII retaliation case with potentially big ramifications for future employment litigation.

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Unlocking the Affordable Care Act From All Angles

April 19, 2013

Legal Editor Tracy Morley shares her insights on what employers need to know about the Affordable Care Act and its new requirements. Morley has more than 25 years experience as an HR professional, and now covers the health care benefits arena for XpertHR.

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California Employers Facing Many Changes in 2013

March 18, 2013

California has been perhaps the most active state in the US when it comes to employment law, and there have already been many new developments in 2013. Littler Mendelson attorney Chris Cobey, of the firm's San Jose office, takes listeners through the highlights in a conversation with XpertHR.

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EEOC General Counsel Takes In-Depth Look at Litigation Trends

March 11, 2013

In a wide-ranging XpertHR podcast, EEOC General Counsel David Lopez discusses a host of key employment law issues, including the biggest litigation trends affecting the Commission. Lopez also talks about the biggest mistakes he sees employers making.

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Immigration Reform Hot Issue for Employers in Upcoming Year

December 05, 2012

Seattle attorney Davis Bae, of the nationwide employment law firm of Jackson Lewis, discusses the latest developments with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, the DREAM Act, E-Verify and more in a wide-ranging conversation.

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Experts Weigh Election's Impact on Employment Law

November 14, 2012

With all the votes counted, even in Florida, David Weisenfeld moderates a panel discussion on what the results mean for HR and key employment issues to watch. Appearing on the panel are employer-side attorney Anthony Oncidi of Proskauer Rose in Los Angeles, employee-side attorney Janet Hill of Athens, GA, and the Equal Employment Advisory Council's vice president for public policy Michael Eastman.

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Affirmative Action Blockbuster Has Employment Implications

October 16, 2012

XpertHR takes you inside the Supreme Court with full coverage from Washington of Fisher v. Texas, and how the case could affect diversity efforts nationwide.

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NLRB Ruling Creates Internal Investigation Concerns

October 04, 2012

Brian Lee of Ogletree Deakins in Morristown, NJ and Daniel Schudroff of Jackson Lewis in New York offer key insights on internal investigations and discuss why a recent ruling could affect how employers proceed.

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New Social Media Password Laws Put Employers on Guard

September 25, 2012

Baltimore attorney Randi Hyatt breaks down Maryland and California laws barring employers from requesting social media passwords.

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Supreme Court 2012 Employment Review

September 06, 2012

XpertHR's editorial team breaks down all of the key rulings from the Supreme Court's past term affecting employment law, including an in-depth look at a notable overtime pay decision plus the Affordable Care Act, undocumented workers and much more.

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From Brokaw to Background Checks

June 27, 2012

We wrap up our SHRM 2012 podcast series with an in-depth look at background checks, featuring a conversation with Lester Rosen - California employment attorney and CEO of Employment Screening Resources.

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HR Professionals Share What's on Their Mind at SHRM 2012

June 26, 2012

HR pros weigh in with XpertHR Legal Editor David Weisenfeld about key issues arising in their jobs on the June 26th podcast from the 2012 SHRM Convention in Atlanta.

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Social Media Madness for Employers

June 25, 2012

Employment law compliance expert Karen Michael, Karen Michael Consulting PLC, discusses hiring, firing and a host of social media situations in between that have bedeviled companies at SHRM 2012.

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EEOC, CORI Arrest and Conviction Podcast

May 15, 2012

Featuring EEOC Asst. Gen. Counsel Carol Miaskoff, plus a panel discussion about employer use of arrest and conviction records with Boston employment attorneys Sheryl Eisenberg of Hirsch, Roberts Weinstein and Peter Mee of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius.

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Peter Gillespie, Fisher & Phillips, Chicago

May 14, 2012

Including: workplace violence, employee drug testing, social media and more…

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James Anelli, LeClair Ryan, Newark, NJ

May 14, 2012

Including: what you need to know about the ADA, why EEOC discrimination cases are at an all-time high, key employment trends on the rise and more...

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FMLA Takes Center Stage

May 09, 2012

Featuring a conversation with Littler Mendelson attorney Casey Kurtz, of the firm's Pittsburgh office, about key Family and Medical Leave Act issues. Topics include new intermittent leave challenges, the interplay between the FMLA and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and much more.

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