Employee Health: South Carolina

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Author: Theresa Rogers


Smoking in the Workplace

Tobacco Use

Employers are prohibited from taking any personnel action, including but not limited to demotion, termination or promotion of an employee based on the use of tobacco products outside the workplace. +S.C. CODE ANN. § 41-1-85.

Workplace Smoking Policies

There are no laws in South Carolina specifically addressing smoking in the workplace. However, some localities have implemented regulations limiting smoking in public places. Employers are not required to provide smoking areas or other accommodations for employees.


Although there is no statewide e-cigarette or smoking ban in South Carolina, a number of municipalities do prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in all enclosed workplaces.

Good Samaritan Law

Any person acting in good faith who renders emergency care is not liable for civil damages due to personal injury because of rendering such care in South Carolina, nor held liable for any act or failure to provide for additional medical care for an injured person. +S.C. CODE ANN. § 15-1-310.

Future Developments

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