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Other Leaves: Delaware

Other Leaves requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Jessica Sussman


  • While Delaware law does not currently require employers to provide a state family and medical leave, employers with 50 or more employees will likely be required to adhere to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). See Family and Medical Leave.
  • Delaware law requires accommodations for pregnant employees, which may include time off to recover from childbirth. See Pregnancy Leave.
  • Employers are prohibited from terminating, penalizing, threatening or otherwise coercing an employee because the employee receives or responds to a summons or serves as a juror. See Jury Duty Leave.
  • Crime victims and victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking may be entitled to time off from work. See Crime Victim Leave; Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking.
  • Delaware law provides that any National Guard member called to state active duty is entitled to the same rights, privileges, and protections in employment as is provide to employees undergoing military training under federal law. See Military Leave.