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  • Wal-Mart to Eliminate One-Day Waiting Period for Sick Leave

    27 February 2015

    Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillion has announced that it will eliminate its one-day waiting period for sick leave. This change will be implemented next year.

  • Medical Marijuana in Michigan: Appeals Court Rules on Employee Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits

    24 February 2015

    The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that individuals who are state-approved medical marijuana users under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) should remain eligible to receive unemployment benefits under the Michigan Employment Security Act. The appeals court based its decision in Braska v. Challenge Manufacturing Co. on the fact that the provision of unemployment benefits constitutes state action.

  • FMLA Rights to Be Extended to More Same-Sex Couples Under New Rule

    23 February 2015

    The US Department of Labor (DOL) will finalize a new regulation that will change the definition of spouse so it is based on the law of the state in which an employee entered into marriage, rather than the law of the state in which the employee resides.

  • Federal Jury Awards Nearly $15 Million in Racial Bias Case

    20 February 2015

    A federal jury in Denver has awarded nearly $15 million to 11 warehouse workers who claimed their employer, Matheson Trucking, segregated workers by race and punished them when they complained. The lawsuit also accused white supervisors of using racial epithets and targeting black employees for downsizing.

  • New Jersey Employers May Defeat Sexual Harassment Claims With Sound Policies

    17 February 2015

    Exercising reasonable care to prevent and promptly correct any sexual harassment makes it possible for an employer to establish an affirmative defense to claims that it is liable for a supervisor's harassment under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, the New Jersey Supreme Court held in Aguas v. State.

  • Jury Reaches Verdict on Faruqi Sexual Harassment Case Under New York City Ordinance

    10 February 2015

    The jury in the highly publicized sexual harassment case, Marchuk v. Faruqi & Faruqi, has reached a verdict in favor of the plaintiff on her hostile work environment claim under the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL).

  • EEOC Releases Private Sector Enforcement Data: Retaliation Most Common Allegation

    09 February 2015

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has released detailed information regarding private sector enforcement data statistics for fiscal year 2014. The statistics show that retaliation claims represented the highest percentage of the total amount of workplace discrimination charges received.

  • California Supreme Court Backs Employer in Medical Leave Case

    04 February 2015

    The California Supreme Court has handed a victory to employers in a case involving an employee's alleged misuse of medical leave. In Richey v. AutoNation, Inc., the Court found that an employee out on leave is not entitled to a greater right to reinstatement than other employees.

  • District of Columbia Expands Human Rights Act's Employee Protections

    02 February 2015

    The District of Columbia has expanded its discrimination protections to protect employees from workplace bias based on reproductive health decisions and also to cover employees of religiously affiliated educational institutions from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

  • EEOC Files Suit Against Ruby Tuesday for Sex Discrimination Against Men

    30 January 2015

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a lawsuit against restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday alleging sex discrimination against male employees.

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