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  • Title VII Protects Gay Employees, 2nd Circuit Rules

    March 7, 2018

    Gay workers won a major victory with the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals 10-3 decision that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act bans sexual orientation discrimination.

  • Mavericks Fire HR Director for Failing to Rein in Hostile Work Environment

    February 26, 2018

    The Dallas Mavericks basketball team fired its head of human resources in the wake of a Sports Illustrated report detailing a hostile work environment in its front office. The report cited numerous complaints of a sexually hostile work culture by current and former staff members, both male and female, who pointed to the team's HR department as part of the problem.

  • Supreme Court Limits Protections for Corporate Whistleblowers

    February 23, 2018

    The Supreme Court has ruled that an employee must provide information about securities law violations to the SEC in order to qualify for whistleblower protections under Dodd-Frank's anti-retaliation provision.

  • Paid Sick Leave Trend Comes South to Austin, Texas

    February 21, 2018

    Austin joins nine states and several other municipalities that have enacted paid sick leave laws in recent years. It is the first in the South to do so, establishing a beachhead for potential expansion of this trend into other liberal-leaning cities and towns in an otherwise-conservative region.

  • EEOC Details Its Plans for Enforcement, Outreach

    February 20, 2018

    The EEOC has released its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2018-2022 following review of comments submitted on the draft Strategic Plan. The EEOC also submitted its FY 2019 budget request, seeking more than $1.8 million above the current budgetary level.

  • EEOC Reducing Backlog of Workplace Discrimination Charges

    February 9, 2018

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) resolved almost 15,000 more charges of workplace discrimination than the roughly 84,000 new charges it took in during fiscal 2017, reducing its backlog of unresolved charges to the lowest level in 10 years.

  • Vermont Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

    January 26, 2018

    Vermont has become the ninth state to legalize recreational marijuana with Governor Phil Scott signing a law earlier this week.

  • New Jersey Bans Breastfeeding Discrimination

    January 22, 2018

    New Jersey has enacted a law to protect breastfeeding mothers from discrimination at work that goes beyond federal protections. However, the law permits an exception if an employer can show that providing an accommodation would pose an undue hardship.

  • New York City Gives Employees Right to Change Work Schedules

    January 22, 2018

    Effective July 18, Big Apple employers will be required to grant employees' requests for a temporary change to their work schedule at least two times per calendar year for up to one business day per request.

  • Maryland Paid Sick Leave Law Passed Over Governor's Veto

    January 17, 2018

    The Maryland General Assembly has voted to override Governor Larry Hogan's veto of a 2017 bill to enact the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act, which mandates employers with 15 or more employees to provide paid sick and safe leave. The law is the ninth statewide paid sick leave law in the nation.

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