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  • IRS Issues Draft of Proposed 2020 Form W-4

    June 6, 2019

    The IRS has published a draft of the 2020 Form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, which incorporates changes made by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

  • Wage Theft to Be a Felony Under New Colorado Law

    May 22, 2019

    A new Colorado law makes it a felony for an employer to fail to pay employee wages. Wage theft has been seen as a significant issue, particularly in the construction industry.

  • Student Loan Repayment Legislation Proposed

    March 18, 2019

    Congress has introduced legislation to increase the ability of employers to provide student loan repayment benefits to their employees.

  • IRS Releases 2019 Inflation Adjustments to Fringe Benefits and Income Taxes

    November 21, 2018

    The IRS has released Revenue Procedure 2018-57, which lists the inflation adjustments for a variety of employer-provided fringe benefits for 2019.

  • IRS Issues 2019 Retirement Plan COLAs and Fringe Benefit Limitations

    November 5, 2018

    The IRS has released the 2019 cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) to the dollar limitations on benefits and contributions to qualified retirement and deferred contribution plans.

  • 2019 Social Security Taxable Wage Base Marks Notable 3.5% Increase

    October 16, 2018

    The Social Security taxable wage base - the ceiling on the 6.2% Social Security portion of FICA taxes - will be $132,900 in 2019. This represents a 3.5% increase over the 2018 taxable wage base of $128,400, and is one of the larger percentage increases in several years.

  • IRS Says Reimbursement of 2017 Moving Expenses Are Tax-Free In 2018

    September 25, 2018

    The IRS has announced in Notice 2018-75 that, for federal income and employment tax purposes, reimbursements or payments an employer makes in 2018 to an employee or a moving company for qualified moving expenses incurred in 2017 are not taxable wages.

  • DOL Issues Opinion Letters on Rest Breaks, Travel Time and Garnishments

    April 17, 2018

    The US Department of Labor opined about how to ascertain travel time by employees without regular working hours, whether frequent rest breaks required by a "serious health condition" are compensable, and which types of lump-sum payments are "earnings" subject to garnishment limits.

  • New Scams Target Employees' Payroll Direct Deposits

    February 12, 2018

    The FBI is warning employers of new email phishing scams targeting employees to gain access to their direct deposit information on the company's self-service payroll platform. Once the fraudsters obtain an employee's payroll portal credentials, the employee's direct deposits are rerouted to the scammer's bank account.

  • IRS Renews Warning of Form W-2 Scams Targeting HR and Payroll

    January 31, 2018

    The IRS is again warning about an email scam that seeks to trick HR and payroll professionals into providing employees' Forms W-2 containing their personal identifying information. When cyber criminals obtain this identifying information, they use it to file fraudulent tax returns to obtain tax refunds.

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