Rhode Island Becomes 10th State to Say Yes to Same-Sex Marriage

Author: Beth P. Zoller, XpertHR Legal Editor

Rhode Island has passed a law legalizing same-sex marriages, which takes effect on August 1, 2013. Previously, Rhode Island recognized same-sex civil unions.

The new law explicitly defines marriage as the legally recognized union of two people, and permits any two individuals to marry regardless of gender. It further provides that religious institutions are free to refuse to perform such marriages because it is against their faith and should not be penalized by any state or local agency for refusing to solemnize such marriages. Finally, the law recognizes civil unions in other states as marriages in Rhode Island. +2013 Bill Tracking RI S.B. 38.

As a result of this new law, Rhode Island employers should review and amend their workplace policies regarding sexual orientation discrimination and benefits for same-sex spouses.

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