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Access indispensable resources below to help stay current with HR and employment law developments in Arizona, including more than 50 state-specific Employment Law Manual sections, customizable Arizona Employee Handbook templates and other state-specific resources, recently passed and upcoming state and local deadlines, and links to our local coverage.

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XpertHR's Legal Timetable helps you keep track of key compliance dates in Arizona, as well as other states and municipalities:

January 1, 2021: Arizona Minimum Wage Increases to $12.15

January 1, 2021: Flagstaff, Arizona, Minimum Wage Increases to $15.00

Employee Handbooks

Create or update your Arizona Handbook with XpertHR's comprehensive state-specific handbook statements. The Arizona Employee Handbook Table of Contents links to all available handbook statements, including:

Cell Phone Use/Texting While Driving Handbook Statement: Arizona

EEO Handbook Statement: Arizona

Paid Sick Time Handbook Statement [15+ Employees; Accrual Method]: Arizona

Smoke-Free Workplace Handbook Statement: Arizona

Voluntary Open Door Policy Handbook Statement: Arizona

Additional Resources

Arizona Sample Notice of Continuation Coverage (Mini-COBRA)

Arizona Declaration of Independent Business Status

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