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Access indispensable resources below to help stay current with HR and employment law developments in New Hampshire, including more than 50 state-specific Employment Law Manual sections, customizable New Hampshire Employee Handbook templates and other state-specific resources, and recently passed and upcoming state deadlines.

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XpertHR's Legal Timetable helps you keep track of key compliance dates in New Hampshire, as well as other states and municipalities:

July 14, 2019: New Hampshire Changes Child Labor Night Work Prohibitions

September 8, 2019: New Hampshire Noncompete Law Affects Low-Wage Workers

October 15, 2019: New Hampshire's Gender Identity Discrimination Prohibition Clarified and Expanded

Employee Handbooks

Create or update your New Hampshire Handbook with XpertHR's comprehensive state-specific handbook statements. The New Hampshire Employee Handbook Table of Contents links to all available handbook statements, including:

Access To Personnel Files Handbook Statement: New Hampshire

Discussion of Wages Handbook Statement: New Hampshire

Meal Breaks Handbook Statement: New Hampshire

Pregnancy Disability Leave Handbook Statement: New Hampshire

Whistleblower Protections Handbook Statement: New Hampshire

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A round-up of the comprehensive state coverage XpertHR offers to help New Hampshire employers ensure they are compliant with state HR and employment laws.

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