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  • New York City Expands Paid Sick Leave Law

    November 17, 2017

    New York City has expanded its paid sick leave law to cover employees when they or a family member are the victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or stalking.

  • Federal Workflex Bill Would Preempt State, Local Paid Leave Laws

    November 9, 2017

    A bill introduced in the House of Representatives would amend the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) to include a voluntary option for qualified compensated leave and flexible workplace arrangements. If passed, the Workflex in the 21st Century Act will enable employers to comply with a single, national paid leave law instead of multiple state and local paid leave requirements.

  • Rhode Island Enacts Paid Sick and Safe Leave Law

    October 4, 2017

    Effective July 1, 2018, the "Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces Act" law will require employers with 18 or more employees to provide employees up to three days of paid sick and safe leave per calendar year.

  • Minimum Wage Increases Advance in San Diego and Washington, DC

    June 8, 2016

    San Diego and Washington, DC, are expected to join the growing ranks of municipalities around the country that have adopted local minimum wage hikes.

  • Minneapolis Sick and Safe Time Ordinance to Take Effect

    June 2, 2016

    The Minneapolis City Council has approved a comprehensive ordinance that will require private employers to provide sick and safe leave to employees starting July 1, 2017. Employers with at least six employees will have to provide paid leave. Those with five or fewer employees will be permitted to provide unpaid leave.

  • Paid Sick Leave Expanding Into Los Angeles and Chicago

    April 27, 2016

    Los Angeles and Chicago employers may need to comply with new sets of paid sick leave rules based on proposed amendments to local minimum wage ordinances - perhaps as early as this summer.

  • Paid Sick Leave Rule for Federal Contractors Proposed

    March 3, 2016

    The Department of Labor has published a proposed rule to implement President Obama's 2015 executive order requiring federal contractors to offer their employees up to seven days of paid sick leave per year. Under the proposed rule, employees could use their paid sick leave not only for their own conditions, but also to care for sick children, parents, spouses or partners.

  • Vermont Passes Paid Sick Leave Legislation

    February 23, 2016

    Vermont's legislature has passed a paid sick leave law (H.B. 187), which is now on Governor Peter Shumlin's desk for signature.

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