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How to Deal With an Employee With an Infectious Disease

Author: Kimberly-Anne Murphy

It is not rare for an employee to come to work while sick. Upon waking he or she may feel under the weather, yet, at the same time, overwhelmed because of the amount of work he or she has to do. Rarely does the notion of spreading germs cross that employee's mind when deciding to enter the workplace. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common and is one of the reasons infectious diseases spread so rapidly in the workplace. It is especially important during cold and flu season for management to set a good example. When members of management come to work sick, they set the expectation for the entire workforce.

Every year, local health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urge people to stay home instead of spreading infectious diseases such as influenza, the common cold and even shingles. In the interest of protecting the entire workforce from personal and professional liability, employers must intervene when an employee with an infectious disease enters the workplace.