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Searches and Inspections of Employer Property Used by Employees Policy

Author: Jason Habinsky, Haynes & Boone

When to Use

Depending on the employer's size and the nature of its business, employees may use a variety of different types of employer-provided equipment and property. This policy puts employees on notice that employer property may be subject to searches or inspections at the employer's discretion at any time, including while the employee is using the property.

This policy should be communicated to all new hires before beginning employment. The employer should also make sure that all employees sign an acknowledgment form, stating that the employee has read and understands this policy and consents to its terms as a condition of employment. This policy should be used as a reference whenever there is a question about the permissible scope of employee use of employer property.

The employer may also want to distribute copies of this policy to employees whenever they use employer property. For example, before taking an employer-owned vehicle on a long business trip, employees should receive a new copy. This will help remind employees what to expect with regard to employer property.

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