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How to

How To

Handle a Request for a Religious Accommodation
This resource provides guidance to employers on how to handle a request for a religious accommodation.

October 2016

How to Discipline Misconduct Related to Marijuana Use
This resource guides employers on how to discipline misconduct related to marijuana use to avoid compliance concerns in jurisdictions that allow medical or recreational marijuana use.

January 2017

Policies and Documents

Policies and Documents

Code of Conduct
This resource assists an employer in clearly communicating its emphasis on high standards of ethics and emphasis on overall legal compliance by adopting a code of conduct.

Onboarding Survey
Form survey given to new hires seeking feedback on their onboarding experience.

September 2016

Quick reference Icon

Quick Reference

Show-Up Time / Reporting Time Requirements by State
Chart providing details about state requirements for paying employees who show up or report to work as requested or scheduled but are then sent home without working.

July 2016

Municipal Preemption Laws by State
This resource covers state preemption laws that apply to private employers and that affect a number of employment law topics, including compensation and benefits.

August 2016

Employee Off-Duty Behavior Protections by State
Chart providing details about state and local legal protections for employees who engage in various lawful behaviors outside of work, such as tobacco use or political activities.

October 2016

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