HR Support on Ensuring Building Security

Editor's Note: Secure your facilities to combat threats of nature and workplace violence.

Ashley ShawOverview: The building that houses an employer's business functions and employees has a lot of value for the employer. Without it, there would be no business. In fact, many businesses that close down after a natural disaster never even open again. Moreover, employees - the employer's most valuable asset - need to be protected against all sorts of threats. Accordingly, it is easy to see why building security is such an important concern.

Making the building secure from outside threats applies both to threats of nature and threats from individuals. For the latter, safeguards should be in place to prevent access to unwelcome visitors through such means as secured entries and a sign in processes for visitors. Doors should always remain locked and not propped open. For the former, there should be easily navigable evacuation routes and shelter-in-place procedures that employees are made aware of beforehand.

Trends: Unfortunately, violence in the workplace is becoming increasingly commonplace. To prevent such tragedies, employers should take precautions such as terminating employee access to the building immediately upon the effective end date of employment and taking steps to keep guns out of the workplace.

Author: Ashley Shaw, JD, Legal Editor

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