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Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore image

The City of Baltimore extends a number of employee protections in addition to those guaranteed by federal and state governments.

Explore Baltimore's compliance deadlines in the Legal Timetable.

Baltimore County, the county in which Baltimore sits, also has employment law requirements.

These are some of the City of Baltimore employment laws covered on XpertHR:

Baltimore Community Relations Ordinance (Article 4)

Article 4 of the Baltimore City Code includes wide-ranging protections, including equal employment opportunity (EEO) protections and lactation and breastfeeding accommodations.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Article 4 expands on state and federal discrimination laws.

Baltimore Lactation Accommodations in the Workplace Ordinance (BLAWO)

Under the BLAWO, an employer must provide a reasonable amount of break time to accommodate an employee who needs to express breast milk.