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Local Coverage

The pace of employment law developments at the local level has dramatically escalated with the topics becoming increasingly complex. To help, XpertHR is tracking and covering these developments across more than 100 localities.

Drill down to local coverage on XpertHR, on such topics as minimum wage, EEO and paid sick leave, using the listing below. Each link will take you to supporting resources including analysis of local ordinances, compliance deadlines where applicable (via the Legal Timetable) and in some cases comparisons with other localities and states (via 50-State Charts). You can also access locality-specific employee handbook statements as well as relevant posters and employee notices.

Be aware that many states have been responding to these local trends by adopting so-called preemption laws that prevent or override any local laws. Each preemption law stipulates the topics that are preempted from local mandates. You can see which states have preemption laws, and the topics preempted, in Municipal Preemption Laws by State.

In some cases, there may be other local ordinances that affect your business that are not covered on XpertHR. Check with your local city and county governments as to whether any local ordinances might apply to your business.