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Does This Law Apply to My Organization?

Author: Irene Stavrellis Englert

Whether a law applies to a particular employer depends on several factors, including the employer's size.

The following Quick Reference chart helps an employer determine whether certain federal statutes apply to it. Some of these statutes contain exclusions for social and religious organizations not addressed in this chart.

This chart addresses federal laws only; similar laws at the state level may have different thresholds. To see the applicable laws at the state level, view the state charts below.

Unless otherwise stated, all of these laws apply to private employers, but some also apply to public employers at the federal and/or the state, city or county level. This chart shows the threshold number of employees for an employer to comply with the law, as well as whether the law also applies to applicable public workers.

For additional information concerning the laws below, click the link on the law name.

State Requirements

The following states have additional requirements for this topic under applicable state law.