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How to Conduct an Affirmative Action Internal Audit

Author: Linda Segall, Segall Enterprises

Nonconstruction federal contractors having 50 or more employees and contracts of $50,000 or more (or a series of contracts expected to total $50,000 or more) must develop and implement an annual written affirmative action plan (AAP). One of the requirements of a written AAP is to have in place an internal audit and reporting system to measure the effectiveness of the total affirmative action program.

Any business with a federal contract, subcontract or federally assisted construction contract that exceeds $10,000 (or a combined total of more than $10,000 in any 12-month period) also must develop an AAP.

HR managers who are closely managing their AAP will have no difficulty in auditing the AAP. See How to Manage an Affirmative Action Plan. The audit process, however, needs to be documented.