Summer Dress Codes

Author: Beth P. Zoller, XpertHR Legal Editor

With the onset of warmer weather and longer days, an employer may want to permit employees to dress a little bit more casually and comfortably. However, an employer should be sure to implement a comprehensive policy that clearly addresses summer attire and the employer's expectations.

Specifically, an employer will want to advise employees about what types of clothing will be deemed work appropriate and permissible and what will be prohibited. Further, an employer may have revised rules with regard to headgear and hairstyles during the warmer months. An employer also may want to consider holding training sessions with employees and supervisors to review the employer's summer dress code policy and answer any questions that may arise. Lastly, an employer should apply and enforce the policy in a uniform and consistent manner and make sure to discipline employees for violations if necessary.

XpertHR offers the following Tools and resources to help an employer create a summer dress code.


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How To

How to Deal With an Employee Who Violates the Dress Code

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Dress Codes and Appearance Policies - Supervisor Briefing


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