Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Now Available for New York, New York City

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

New York employers must comply with sexual harassment prevention training requirements for supervisors and employees at the state and possibly at the local level. Specifically, New York City has enacted sexual harassment prevention training requirements as of April 1, 2019.

To help employers meet these compliance requirements, XpertHR has added four new resources to its Supervisor Training Tool:

In addition, XpertHR offers a Certificate of Training to assist with recordkeeping requirements.

An employer can seek additional guidance with respect to particular compliance obligations in other XpertHR resources, including the Training and Development: New York and EEO - Harassment: New York sections of the Employment Law Manual.

Employers can also consult the Sexual Harassment Training by State 50-State Chart, the Train an Employee Task and the Sexual Harassment - Supervisor Briefing.

Additional related New York-specific resources include:

When crafting New York-specific handbook statements and policies, please refer to: