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  • Date:
    April 24, 2020
    Benchmarking and Surveys (BETA)

    HR Roles and Responsibilities 2020: XpertHR Survey Report

    In this survey report, XpertHR explores HR's responsibilities and resources. In particular, this study examines essential information on HR staff composition, HR reporting structure, the ratio of HR staff to the overall workforce, and HR budgets.

  • Type:
    Best Practice Manual

    Professional Development for HR

    This section of the XpertHR best practice manual provides HR professionals with information on professional development opportunities available to them, including earning certifications, networking through professional organizations or social media sites and other professional development tools.

  • Type:
    Employee Handbooks

    Service Awards Handbook Statement

    Employers seeking to advise employees of a service-awards program demonstrating that the company appreciates and encourages employee loyalty should consider including this model policy statement in their handbook.

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