HR Support on Employee Engagement Activities

Editor's Note: Foster an organizational structure that supports continued employee engagement.

Marta MoakleyOverview: Part of an employer's HR strategy might be keeping current employees engaged in their work so as to avoid high job turnover. Employee engagement proves indispensable to any organization that values creativity, productivity and growth. Companies with engaged employees tend to show more strength and increased profits than those with disengaged employees.

Employee engagement drives employee development, which in turn drives organizational growth. Many leading corporations have engaged their employees in a much more open dialogue regarding business goals and objectives. Such open discussions lead employees to become more invested in the workplace culture, and to appreciate how their responsibilities and duties foster the organization's growth and development.

Trends: While some managers persist in implementing stratified, controlled organizational philosophies, many supervisors have embraced open door policies. In addition, some corporations have ceded supervisory control over the assignment of a portion of their employees' tasks. For example, in some organizations, employees may have up to 20 percent of their working time to devote to any projects in which they have an interest, as long as 80 percent of their working time remains devoted to corporate assignments.

Author: Marta Moakley, JD, Legal Editor

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