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Editor's Note: The HRIS can greatly aid employers in reporting, benchmarking, and planning.

Peggy Carter-WardOverview: The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is instrumental not only for data tracking, but also for maintaining and analyzing payroll information, management and financial functions within a business. HRIS is available either as a software program or online (SAAS).

In addition to managing employee information, HRIS can include applicant tracking and resume management features. There are many variations of HRIS available so it is important for an employer to choose a program that meets its needs.

The better HRIS systems also create procedures for security practices that can be integrated into their programs, such as emergency evacuation procedures and workplace safety guidelines.

The goal of these systems is to help managers with recordkeeping functions, and also allow them to access the information they need to satisfy legal compliance and control standards.

Author: Peggy Carter-Ward, Head of Content

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