Editor's Note: Recruit workers, employees and future leaders effectively to ensure long-term success of organization.

Marta MoakleyOverview: Staffing an organization involves an integration of business goals, organizational structure, compensation planning, and legal protections. Employers should be sure to adhere to any applicable affirmative action requirements, fair employment laws and licensing mandates. Because the workforce is an organization's single largest cost, HR should engage in workforce planning (whether operational or strategic) to optimize recruiting efforts, retention rates and organizational resources.

Employers should also include planning for alternative work schedules or flexible work arrangements to facilitate business needs. For example, the ratios of full-time equivalent, part-time employees, temporary or seasonal employees and independent contractors may vary among particular industries or specific occupations.

Trends: If using a staffing agency in conjunction with filling open positions, employers need to ensure that background screening procedures are followed in order to minimize security breaches, workplace theft, or third-party negligence court claims. Failure to prudently staff an organization may hurt an organization's short-term bottom line and long-term viability. In many states, employers may not avoid liability simply due to the presence of a joint employer relationship with a staffing agency.

Marta Moakley, J.D., Legal Editor

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