Motivating Employees

Editor's Note: Motivate a diverse workforce by applying various retention strategies.

Marta MoakleyOverview: Employers must focus on motivating a diverse workforce. Employers should encourage employees to participate in organizational decision-making and strive for shared goals. Employers should develop a human-centered work environment, with a culture that offers common values, individual opportunity and open communication.

Employee motivation may be particularly challenging during times of change, such as a corporate restructuring, downsizing, merger or acquisition. However, if employers have built a foundation of sound policies (such as those addressing career development and employee communications), benefits (such as comprehensive total rewards packages) and leadership, top performers will continue to be invested in the organization's ultimate success.

Trends: Motivating younger employees requires targeted retention efforts. Employers need to identify specific areas to direct their attention. For example, because younger workers often change jobs, a comprehensive total rewards package, with a focus on employee development within the organization, is crucial for a business to remain competitive in the current marketplace.

Author: Marta Moakley, JD, Legal Editor

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