California Amends Discrimination and Harassment Regulations: Employment Law Manual, Quick Reference Chart Updated

Authors: XpertHR Editorial Team

California has amended its Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) discrimination and harassment regulations. The amendments, which take effect April 1, 2016, cover:

  • The definition of a covered employee under the FEHA;
  • The affirmative duty to prevent and correct discriminatory and harassing conduct;
  • The standard for establishing discrimination claims;
  • The Department of Fair Employment and Housing's ability to obtain nonmonetary preventative remedies against an employer, even if there is no evidence of discrimination or harassment;
  • Antidiscrimination, antiharassment and anti-retaliation policy requirements;
  • Supervisor sexual harassment prevention training requirements;
  • Gender identity, gender expression and transgender employees;
  • National origin discrimination and undocumented workers;
  • Pregnancy disability leave and modified notice requirements;
  • Disability and religious accommodations;
  • Service animals;
  • The interactive process; and
  • Expanded contractor obligations and employee protections for affirmative action purposes.

In light of this development, the California Workplace Notices Quick Reference chart has been updated, along with the following California sections of the Employment Law Manual:

A Legal Timetable entry has also been added.